Chinese Government Scholarship: The “Silk Road” High-level Talents Training Program for Landscape Architecture Majors

Program Background

The “Silk Road” High-level Talents Training Program is supported by the construction of key discipline, Landscape Architecture. This discipline has initially built an online curriculum system, published special course materials, and completed the bilingual and English pilot teaching, which lays the foundation for cultivating high-level talents in Landscape Architecture.

Program Faculty

The faculty of the program is a high-level educational team that combines the advantages of the key discipline Landscape Architecture and features of the International School. In accordance with “the Belt and Road Initiative”, this program actively introduces high-quality teaching resources and talents from abroad to carry out the teaching and cultivation of high-level talents.

Program Significance

From a macro perspective, 1) this program can provide international students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of China’s economic and social development, lay a solid foundation for cooperation between our university and the main source countries of the program.

2) This program can further expand the influence of Chinese enterprises in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative, open the markets of those countries and create opportunities for them to participate in infrastructure construction.

3) This program also provides chances for our school to cooperate with countries along the Belt and Road in educational and scientific research.

From a micro perspective, this program promotes our university to implement the “Going Out” strategy, find partners in countries along the route and increase opportunities for overseas education and training. Meanwhile, this program can also carry out order-based overseas talents training cooperation with Chinese enterprises, expand the enrollment scale of international students, and promote the construction of the major and our faculty.


Chinese Government Scholarship: The “Silk Road” High-level Talents Training Program for Hydraulic Engineering Majors

Program Significance

1) In addition to the economic and political cooperation among the countries along the “Belt and Road”, there are also close cultural exchanges. In this case, the international students admitted to this program will greatly promote the cultural exchange between our university and western region of China as well as the international community.

2) This program cultivates international composite talents in Hydraulic Engineering, and lays a solid foundation for developing high-level talents of this major in countries along the Belt and Road.

3) This program serves as a model for disseminating Chinese culture and scientific innovations to those countries.

4) This program has significantly improved the construction level of Hydraulic Engineering in our school as well as the university’s international cooperation and influence.


Center for Language Education and Cooperation & Chongqing Jiaotong University: The “Sharing Bayu Culture and Building a Bridge of Communication” Winter Camp (Online)

Program Background

The online winter camp “Sharing Bayu (Sichuan and Chongqing) Culture and Building a Bridge of Communication” is a “Chinese Bridge” program hosted by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation and organized by Chongqing Jiaotong University.

Program Form

This program is held online with lectures on the Chinese Bridge Club APP and the online teaching cloud platform. The cultural tour is conducted in the form of “live & recording broadcast”.

Program Content

The program consists of three sections: Chinese Learning, Culture Experiencing and Online Tour.

  • Chinese Learning

Aiming at enabling participants to learn everyday Chinese expressions, this section focuses on teaching them practical Chinese terms relating to all aspects of life.

  • Culture Experiencing

The cultural experience section includes Martial Arts, Paper-cutting, Tea Art, Calligraphy and Painting, etc., so that participants can feel the charm of Chinese culture in a virtual environment.

  • Online Tour

Through the online tour of scenic Chongqing, magic Chongqing and spicy Chongqing, participants can experience Bayu culture, improve their interest and efficiency in learning Chinese, which would further prompt the domestic and overseas cultural exchanges.


Mayor Scholarship of Chongqing Municipal Government: The “Sino-Thai Friendship” Training program for Technical Talents of Transportation Engineering


This program explores the development path of Chinese for Special Purpose, aiming at strengthening the exchange and cooperation between our school and enterprises as well as governments of countries along the “Belt and Road” in international Chinese education. The program combines basic engineering knowledge with Chinese cultural experience, and it covers engineering vocabulary, engineering literature, Chongqing traffic situation and culture, etc., so as to improve the students’ Chinese expression ability by using engineering corpus and discourse patterns to communicate with others.