About Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

About Applied Mathematics and Mechanics

1.General    information of the Journal

English    Title: Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
Chinese Pinyin:    Yingyong Shuxue He Lixue
Sponsored by:    Chongqing Jiaotong University
Published by:    the Editorial Office of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
ISSN:    1000-0887
CN:    50-1060/O3
International Code:    M295
Domestic Code:    78-21
Founder:    CHIEN Wei-zang
Editor-in-Chief: ZHONG    Wan-xie
Vice Editors-in-Chief:    ZHENG Xiao-jing, LAI Yuan-ming, LU Tian-jian, PENG Xiang-he,LIN Jia-hao,    DENG Zi-chen, LIU Zhan-fang & YI Zhi-jian
Address:    P.O. Box 90, Chongqing Jiaotong University, No.66 Xuefu Road,Nan’an    District, Chongqing, 400074, P.R.China
Email:    applmathmech@cqjtu.edu.cn; amm1980@163.com
Tel:    86 23 62652450; 86 23 62652611

2.Introduction    to the Journal

Founded in 1980 by CHIEN    Wei-zang, a celebrated Chinese scientist in mechanics and mathematics, the Journal    was a quarterly in the beginning, a bimonthly the next year, and then a    monthly ever since 1985. It carries original research papers on mechanics,    mathematical methods in mechanics and applied mathematics closely related    to modern mechanics, as well as quality papers on mechanical &    mathematical modeling and analysis in civil engineering, hydraulic    engineering, highway and bridge engineering, navigation and shipbuilding,    aeronautics and astronautics, mechanical engineering and metallurgy, national    defense and military industry, disaster prevention and reduction,    environmental engineering, energy engineering and biochemical engineering.

Applied Mathematics and    Mechanics is a monthly journal of substantial academic strength at home and    abroad, published by the Editorial Office of Applied Mathematics and    Mechanics, under the sponsorship of Chongqing Jiaotong University, and    domestically issued by Chongqing Newspaper Publishing Agency and    internationally by China International Book Trading Corporation; it is    intended for researchers, engineers, students and concerned scholars in    fields of mechanics, applied mathematics and related interdisciplines.

The Journal accepts    contributions recommended by members of the Journal Editorial Board and    welcomes non-recommended contributions as well. A recommended contribution    shall bear a recommender-signed letter for the Editor-in-Chief’s review;    upon its publication, the recommender’s name shall be placed under the    paper title. Non-recommended contributions will go to editor review for    formal examination, among which the qualified will be sent to peer review    for academic advice, and the Editor-in-Chief will make the final decision    on publication.

The Journal    has been selected by such index systems as Chinese Science Citation    Database (CSCD), Chinese Scientific and Technical Source Journal, Japan    Science and Technology Literature Nowcasts (CBST), Chinese Science    Abstracts(CSAC), Chinese Mechanics Abstracts and other abstracting/indexing    databases. It is one of the Chinese Core Journals selected by Beijing    University, Journal of Double-effect Matrix by GAPP, etc., and has also    been titled China College Quality Periodical, Double Top 10 Periodical of    Chongqing City, and CAJ-CD Standard Periodical.

3.    Introduction to CHIEN Wei-zang, founder of the Journal

CHIEN Wei-zang, a renowned    scientist in mechanics and mathematics, educationist and community leader,    was born on October 9, 1912, in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. He graduated from    Tsinghua University under Professor WU You-xun in 1935 and received his    Ph.D. in Mathematics from Toronto University in Canada under Professor J.    L. Synge in 1942. He once worked as an intern researcher at the National    Central Research Institute in Tsinghua University and a research associate    in Jet Propulsion Laboratory of CalTech. In 1945, he returned to China,    first served as a professor with Tsinghua University, Peking University and    Yanjing University, then as the Dean of Studies and Vice President of    Tsinghua University, Vice Director of the Institute of Mechanics under    Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS), Director of the Institute of    Automation of CAS, and a member of Standing Committee for almost all    national scientific societies in China. Since 1983 he held the post of    President of Shanghai University of Technology (now Shanghai University)    after the merger of 4 institutions of higher learning. He was selected as    an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1954 and a foreign    academician of Polish Academy of Sciences in 1956.

He was one of the founders of    IMCAS and Deputy Director of IMCAS, and the founder of Applied Mathematics    and Mechanics and Shanghai Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.    He was the Editor-in-Chief of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics from 1980    to 2002; since 2003, he was the Honorary Editor-in-Chief of Applied    Mathematics and Mechanics. He also served on the Editorial Boards of    International Journal of Engineering Science (USA), Advances in Applied    Mechanics (USA), Journal of Thin-walled Structure (Holland) and Journal of    Finite Elements in Analysis and Design. He had been Vice Chairman of the    National Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference    since 1987.

As an outstanding scientist in    applied mathematics, mechanics, physics, engineering science and Chinese    language informatics, he is generally acknowledged as one of the few    pioneers and founders of modern mechanics undertakings in China. His major    research fields cover intrinsic theory of plates and shells, analysis of    large deflection of thin plates and shells, analysis of corrugated pipes,    mechanics of armour penetration, singular perturbation methods, generalized    variation principles, finite element methods as well as measurement of    atmospheric electricity, spectral analysis of rare-earth elements, wave    guide theory, lubrication theory, high-energy batteries, Chien’s    macro-coding of Chinese characters and so on. Of these works, the one in    cooperation with Prof. J L Synge on the intrinsic theory of plates and    shells was viewed as a pioneering classical work.

For the purpose of better    academic exchange in applied mathematics and mechanics, Mr. CHIEN founded    Applied Mathematics and Mechanics in 1980. He contributed a lot to the    development of the Journal. He himself put forth the scope of publication    for the Journal and selected the first Editorial Board of about 60 members,    most of them were then young lecturers or associate professors and eight    were selected as academicians of CAS later. He, even at the age of 90,    personally reviewed each paper. In his last days, he had the Editorial    Board organize some 50 scientific lectures on applied mathematics and    mechanics, altogether attracting an audience of over 20,000 people, which    greatly stimulated the development of related disciplines in China and helped    promote the Journal influence.