Good News! Chongqing Jiaotong University Got Approval from the Ministry of Education for Building a Joint Laboratory for International Cooperation

Date:2023年11月23日 11:25

Recently, the Ministry of Education released the list of joint laboratories for international cooperation established in 2023. After several rounds of expert review and presentations, Chongqing Jiaotong University got the approval for building a joint laboratory for international cooperation in intelligent transportation infrastructure. The joint laboratory for international cooperation is the only one of this kind approved by the Ministry of Education.

In-depth research is carried out in intelligent construction and equipment, intelligent monitoring and disease diagnosis, and intelligent operation and maintenance and performance improvement. Original and leading scientific and technological achievements have been made in the research of large-span arch bridges and plateau permafrost. We are striving to make civil engineering one of the “double first-class” disciplines as rated by the Ministry of Education, to enable key core technologies of intelligent transportation infrastructure to reach the international first-class level and establish a globally competitive international joint R&D institution.

The approval for building the joint laboratory for international cooperation in intelligent transportation infrastructure has improved the level of scientific and technological innovation in our university. This initiative will innovate the international joint cooperation mechanism, integrate domestic and foreign resources, and gather high-end talents, providing support for the research of basic theory and key core technologies in the construction, operation and maintenance of transportation infrastructure in an efficient and targeted way.