Chongqing Jiaotong University’s 2023 Work Performance Evaluation Showcases Confidence and Brilliance!

Date:2024年01月18日 09:50 Author:CQJTU


At the 2023 annual work performance evaluation meeting of Chongqing Jiaotong University’s affiliated units, the leaders of each unit were invigorated and filled with passion. They either quoted classics, presented data, spoke passionately, or expressed deep emotions... They shared work experiences, identified weaknesses, and planned future development, competing with each other and encouraging each other, thus igniting a strong collective force to take on responsibilities and initiate entrepreneurial endeavors. They showcased confidence and delivered an impressive performance.


National and municipal achievements shine at Chongqing Jiaotong University


In 2023, the entire university actively responded to the construction of the “33618” modern manufacturing cluster system in Chongqing. Various units have achieved remarkable results in the national and municipal achievements. These achievements fully demonstrate the unity and strength of Chongqing Jiaotong University, and highlight our firm belief in striving and working together for a better future.


The Science and Technology Office has closely collaborated with schools to achieve impressive results in the national key research and development program. They have been involved in 2 national key research and development projects, 3 research topics, 12 major engineering projects, and 2 multi-million dollar scientific research projects, achieving historic breakthroughs in national key research and development projects at the university.




The Civil Engineering School has demonstrated its outstanding strength with remarkable achievements. The school has successfully established the Modern Civil Engineering Intelligent Construction Industry Institute; Professor Yang Jun and others have won the first prize of Chongqing Science and Technology Progress Award; Civil Engineering School has also been approved to establish the International Cooperation Laboratory for Smart Transportation Infrastructure, providing a solid platform for international exchanges and cooperation.




Taking party building as a guide, the River and Ocean Engineering School has actively expanded its research partnership circle. It has established a close party building alliance “friends circle” with 61 units, providing strong support for scientific research and innovation. The school has signed 160 new research projects, with a contract funding of up to 103 million yuan, reaching a historical high. In addition, River and Ocean Engineering School has successfully cultivated and established a model branch for party building work in the country, setting an example for party building work throughout the university.



The Intelligent Bridge Team, with its spirit of innovation and courage to take on responsibilities, has been selected as the “National Huang Danian-style Teacher Team”, adding glory to the university’s teaching and research.



The Economics and Management School has further consolidated its discipline construction and talent cultivation through the approval of the Postdoctoral Research Mobile Station in Management Science and Engineering.


The Aeronautics School has made significant breakthroughs in the field of aerospace science and technology. It has become the only school among municipal universities approved to grant master’s degrees in “Aerospace Science and Technology”, adding new highlights to the university’s discipline layout and talent cultivation.


The Architecture and Urban Planning School has achieved outstanding results in teaching reform and won the second prize in the National University Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition and the first prize in the municipal competition.



The Shipping and Naval Architecture School, with its characteristic of naval science popularization education, has been awarded the title of “National Naval Science Popularization Education Base”, playing an active role in popularizing naval knowledge and promoting naval culture.



Teacher Zhang Dongpei from the Mathematics and Statistics School achieved a historic breakthrough for Chongqing Jiaotong University teachers in the National University Young Teachers Teaching Competition by winning the second prize.


The Western Institute of Science and Technology has won the first prize of the China Institute of Navigation’s 2023 Science and Technology Progress Award, demonstrating our university’s advantageous position in the field of navigation.


The Continuing Education School, with non-degree education as its core, has created a series of high-quality educational practice cases and won the second prize for typical cases in education development reports. At the same time, its experience in collaborative innovation among vocational education, higher education, continuing education has been promoted nationwide and has been selected as the first batch of collaborative innovation path tasks in the three sectors by the Ministry of Education.


The Enrollment and Employment Office, with its excellent work ability and service attitude, has been awarded the dual honor of the advanced collective in enrollment and the advanced collective in graduate employment and entrepreneurship by the Chongqing Municipal Government, providing solid guarantees for student enrollment and employment.


The Publicity Department of the Party Committee has innovated ideas and methods and successfully applied for the key construction of integrated ideological and political education in primary, secondary, and tertiary schools in Chongqing. Its practical cases have won the first prize in Chongqing, making significant contributions to the reform and development of ideological and political education at our university.


The Graduate School is committed to cultivating high-level engineering talents and has been selected as one of the first batch of Chongqing Excellence Engineering Institutes. It has established a high-end industry-education integration platform, serving the needs of major national strategies, deepening the reform of the engineering master’s and doctoral training system, promoting industry-education integration, and accelerating the cultivation of excellent engineers.


The International Office has successfully implemented an international design talent development program with the theme of “Transportation + Art”. It has been selected for the 2023 Chongqing International Characteristic Project, opening up new opportunities for international exchange and cooperation at Chongqing Jiaotong university.


The Youth League of Chongqing Jiaotong university is committed to serving the scientific and technological innovation of college students. Its exemplary practices have been selected for the case studies compilation by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. In the 18th “Challenge Cup” National College Students Extracurricular Academic and Scientific Works Competition, students have achieved 2 first prizes, and in the National College Student Robotics Competition, they have achieved the only national special prize in Chongqing. This fully showcases the vibrant and proactive youth of our university.


The Humanities and Social Sciences Research Center has organized related schools to actively apply for research projects, and the university added 1 new key research base for humanities and social sciences and 1 base for ideological and political theory course teachers’ training and innovation development center.


Artificial intelligence, full of creativity


In 2023, Chongqing University fully utilized intelligent data to improve work efficiency and faced various challenges with a light and agile attitude. During the evaluation meeting, various units showcased their innovative initiatives that closely integrate artificial intelligence into their work, bringing surprises and creativity.




Poem created by the Marxism School using AI, titled “The Marx College is Named Marx, Speaking about Marx”: “Amidst thousands of soldiers and horses, the horse takes the lead in facing challenges; With swift and intelligent actions, success comes effortlessly as if it were destined!”, showcases the responsibility of the school.


The Economics and Management School combined the annual “keywords, knowledge graph, breakthrough, concern, highest value, and diligence” to deeply and accurately analyze the work of the school using AI “portraits”.


The Materials Science and Engineering School summarized the spirit of struggle in 2023 with a four-line poem created by AI: “The old year has showcased numerous accomplishments, the new year sees even greater progress; Beating the drum to urge stability and controlling the boat with determination, bravely sailing forward with full oars!”


The Party and Government Affairs Office vividly demonstrated the way to use AI for writing and grammar correction to improve work quality and efficiency. The Publicity Department of the Party Committee used AI to generate four adorable mascots of Chongqing Jiaotong University for the Year of the Dragon - Chongchong, Qingqing, Jiaojiao, and Dada. The Journal Society introduced a “digital person” - an AI-generated digital anchor, and used AI-generated literature reviews to showcase dynamic intelligent office scenes.


Telling stories through numbers, demonstrating strength of the university


This year, the whole university has shown a vibrant and continuous progress. Every outstanding data witnesses our brilliant achievements.




The Financial Office presented the use and benefits of various funds at the university over the past year through data and tables, implementing various measures to achieve record high income.


The Personnel Office has introduced 107 doctoral candidates who have actively participated in 13 national-level research projects, achieving a series of phased results and injecting new vitality into scientific research at the university. The Academic Affairs Office fully demonstrated the highlights and high-quality progress of various teaching initiatives over the year through a large number of pictures and data. The library added 32,986 books, covering multiple disciplines, and also included 15,308 master’s and doctoral theses and 1,648 books donated by various sectors of society, providing abundant academic resources for teachers and students.


The Development Planning Office focused on promoting the rule of law in the university. Throughout the year, they reviewed more than 500 contracts, regulations, and other normative documents to ensure their quality and effectiveness. The Information Technology Center fully utilized the power of data to build a public data service platform, accumulating more than 100 million pieces of data. They conducted in-depth analysis of big data, accurately provided financial assistance to underprivileged students, conveyed warmth through practical actions, and made data speak and demonstrate its abilities.


Text, images, and short videos showcases the brilliance


During the evaluation meeting, short videos became a highlight. The Enrollment and Employment Office’s video “Our Year 2023” recorded the highlights and achievements of their work over the year.


The Publicity Department of the Party Committee presented the major achievements of the year in a concise 30-second fast-cut video. The Student Affairs Office used short videos to express their work experiences and feelings over the year.


Various departments in the Art Design School, Tourism and Media School, and other schools used videos in their presentations to make their achievements more vivid and interesting.


The integration of short videos not only enhanced the enjoyment and interest of the event, but also demonstrated the strong innovation consciousness and efficient practical ability of various units.


Running against the wind, Chasing the light


This year, we have experienced storms and enjoyed rainbows. We have not only worked together to forge ahead but also left behind touching stories and precious memories.


The Architecture and Urban Planning School has been in a “24-hour online” state, demonstrating its responsibility and commitment to “expanding performance, promoting practical results, and creating excellent achievements”.


This year, the Student Affairs Office has created many “firsts”: the first time to send birthday wishes to students, the first time to provide “Chongqing Jiaotong University” branded pillows and blankets to students from financially disadvantaged students who are determined to take the postgraduate entrance exams, the first time to solicit students’ opinions on excellent prizes, which were highly recognized and loved by students.




Initiating the “Spring Rain” funding program, providing warmth to students whose affected by major natural disasters at the earliest time, empowering students with strength and hope. The “Love for Chongqing Jiaotong University” program, created by the Industry-University-Research Cooperation, has written a story of mutual support between the alma mater and alumni.


This year, various departments such as the Party and Government Affairs Office, the Organization Department, and the Publicity Department have demonstrated extraordinary style with a running posture. Growth, transformation, grievances, and difficulties have strengthened their belief: Don’t stop chasing the wind and the moon, as the plain ends, there is a mountain in spring. In the words of the International Office, “Think globally, act locally, Global View @ CQJTU Practice!” In 2023, we have gone through many extraordinary days together and achieved more extraordinary results together.


The spirit of Chongqing Jiaotong University is invigorating


2023 is a year when the people of Chongqing Jiaotong University are full of vitality and spirit. The school actively organizes various sports and cultural activities, not only promoting the essence of Chinese traditional culture but also demonstrating the spirit of Chongqing Jiaotong University people’s courage to strive.




“The university’s athletic team opened a new chapter in sports competition history in August 2023 by winning the first national university competition gold medal since the university’s founding.” This is not only the result of the hard work of the Sports Department but also the collective honor of the entire university. Among many outstanding athletes, student Lu Guoqing from the Shipping and Naval Architecture School stood out and won the championship in the men’s group A shot put final with a result of 14.61 meters, winning a valuable gold medal. The Wushu team achieved brilliant results in the national competition, breaking school records and achieving 2 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medals... Their outstanding performance powerfully demonstrates the tenacious spirit of Chongqing Jiaotong University people’s perseverance and struggle.


In 2023, we have achieved educate everywhere, everytime, and everyone. With responsibility as our priority, we are about to depict the passionate and enterprising 2024. In the new year, we will continue to strive forward with an indomitable attitude and a sense of urgency, and work together to create a new chapter for Chongqing Jiaotong University!