Baseti's beautiful daughters

22 FEB, 2019

The Beginning

Inspired by a traditional African folktale, this is the story of Baseti’s beautiful daughters, of whom he is proud of.

Nyana is surprised when the one thing she has asked for all her life – a sister – turns out not to be the best friend and cheerful playmate she expected.

Growing up without their mother, they bicker and fight a lot. During a breakdown that occurs on a long trip in search of their mother,they negotiate a better understanding and make peace.

With no one to hold their hand and guide them as they blossom into womanhood, they turn to each other to navigate the uncertain woods of life and adulthood.



Photographer: Rich Allela

Models : Mita Adesanya and Chioma Agu

Make Up: Dennis Karuri

Styling : Lucy Robinai

Photography Assistant : Ella Seling


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