The Ultimate African Safari Photoshoot in Crescent Island

27 JAN, 2019

Crescent Island, Lake Naivasha

Crescent Island is a little-known slice of untouched paradise located on the eastern shores of Lake Naivasha in the Rift Valley. The island acts as a sanctuary to a host of bird and animal species that roam freely across the picturesque landscape. The island and its jewels are the ideal spot for the avid traveler seeking some peace and quite away from the city or the more popular tourist destinations within Naivasha, it also caters to the nature enthusiast and hikers as it provides the unique opportunity to walk among the graceful giraffes as you capture amazing kodak moments guaranteed to stir a frenzy of messages from your social media families.

For our team, Crescent Island was the perfect backdrop for our “Glam birthday Safari themed” photoshoot. Ijeoma one of our all-time favorite clients who was on holiday with her lovely husband wanted and to create fresh, exotic and chic content for her blog.

Ijeoma Kola

Ijeoma Kola is not your average girl next door she is a PhD candidate in Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia University, a successful entrepreneur and the brains behind the ever so upbeat and informative blog: where she speaks of everything from a black girl’s guide to maintaining natural hair to travel and her doctorate’s degree. Having been to Kenya several times before she was keen on curating this sui generis series intended to captivate the imagination of her widely American audience and transport them to plains of Kenya in the heart of the motherland.

We got there with the sun at the peak of the day and immediately set out to hunt for ideal scenes that would seamlessly mesh with our concept and boy weren’t we spoilt for choice; with hair, make- up and wardrobe complete we packed up our gear and set out in pursuit of the perfect shot.

It is no easy feat to walk in the blistering heat with a case of precious lenses, a light box, a portable flash light, a plethora of wardrobe options and some fluids to ensure we don’t collapse under the spell of the harsh African sun, lucky for us Jonathan, Ijeoma’s husband was such a sport and gracefully accompanied us as a handy man and his wife’s biggest fan.

We went around chasing after the zebras or gently creeping behind the towering giraffes inching our way further and further as we got carried away in our need to capture this radiant and gorgeous woman in this beautiful ruggedy terrain; it was such a glorious contrast that blend into each other effortlessly.

In no time the sun was bidding us goodbye and we had to call it a day much to our dismay, for you can never tire of shooting in such a magnificent location but we were content with our little expedition. Crescent island had been kind to us, Ijeoma was ready to go back home knowing she had accomplished her dream of shooting in the wild we were the lucky larks that got to freeze this moment in time.



Photographer: Rich Allela

Featuring Ijeoma Kola

Photography assistants: Ella Seling & Banda Musa

Words: Ella Seling


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