Beards: Mandevu Photoshoot BTS

05 DEC, 2018

The Beard Batallion

My mom always fussed over my beard. I kept a long beard once. The kind that could catch fire when blowing a candle. It was those beards that when you carry peoples' crying children they reflexively stroked it. And giggled. And then fell asleep. Some girls also stroked it and giggled and fell asleep. It was a giggling beard that induced sleep. You touched it and it gave you happiness. And sleep. It gave me happiness too. But my mom thought it was ridiculous.

My barber, knows that he can chop off my ear, but he must never chop off my beard. It is sacred.

These men have stood by their beards. Go behind the scenes and see how the photos were created.




Photographer: Rich Allela

Stylist: Eric Mochache

D.O.P.: Enock Oyoo

Executive Producer: Njoki Njoroge



Nicky Teta

Eric Hunspenger

Billy Spoor

Shiv Simani

Dennis Mbuthi

Rony Quail


Melvine Onyuna & Nicky Teta


Biko Zulu

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