How Queen Candace of Ethiopia humiliated Alexander the Great at war

14 MAY, 2019

Kush, Ethiopia, 3rd Century BC

From the 3rd century BC to the 2nd century BC, the empire of Kush in Ethiopia was ruled by a line of Independent female rulers called the Candace’s or Kandake.

Able to influence the line of succession and consolidate her power, Queen Candace played a role in the coronation of the new King.

Queen Candace of 332BC denied Alexander the Great entry into Kush and deterred him on one of his military campaigns, causing him to overtake a weaker Egypt.

They were able to thwart the Roman conquest of Kush using brilliant battle tactics.

Over a period of one thousand two hundred and fifty years, the kingdom of Kush was amazing and one of the greatest civilizations of its time.

Queen Candace set a standard for excellence and stability with a female dominated society leading a female warrior class.

Brave, brilliant and influential, she was an example of how a strong spirit cannot be held back by sexism and male domination.

The following images is a collaborative project with Air Gikosh who are famous for making unique hand-crafted furniture from recycled airplane parts. This time they created a stunning lion out of recycled airplane parts.

Queen Candace was notorious for going into war riding fierce animals.

The Lion King, made out of recycled airplane parts by Air Gikosh.



Created and Shot by: Rich Allela

Cinematography : Justin Mengere

Model: Tausi Juliannah

Make Up : Mwaju Chaks Make-up

Editing : Mwangi Wachira

Styling : Eric Mochache

Lion Sculpture by: : Air Gikosh

Styling Assistant: : Debbi Omondi


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