Stop FGM - Put a smile on a girl's face

06 MAR, 2018

The Beginning

While filming in Samburu sometime last year Sandra met a girl who had gone through FGM and other heartbreaking things at the time .She was sad and ashamed to talk to anyone. She would talk to people while hiding inside the Manyatta. Her mother was crying and trying to help us communicate with her.

The young girl had several sleepless nights prior to the cut, and more thereafter. The physical and psychological pain weighed down on her like a tonne of bricks. A burden and painful reminder that she would have to bear for the rest of her life.

Sandra felt so bad and couldn’t imagine what she was feeling ...the emotional toll this had on her….she kept on wondering if she will ever be okay ...

We came together as a team, comprising of Rich Allela, Sandra Mutuku, Michelle Ngonje, Chelsea Mwende and Musa Banda to tell this story and help stop FGM.

We decided to focus on FGM to show that no girl should have to go through it in addition to early child marriage or rape .We need to stop these practices and protect the girls who come from these communities.

We hope to emphasize the message, STOP FGM NOW  ..No girl should  have to go through this physically and emotionally.

Sandra Mutuku



To learn more about FGM and find out how you can help, visit :

The AHA Foundation


The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO)



Photographer: Rich Allela

Producer / Creative Director: Sandra Mutuku

Make-up: Michelle Ngonje

Model: Gladys Lodompui

Model (old woman): Koitet Moyare

Photography Assistant: Musa Banda

Production Assistant: Chelsea Mwende

Video: Rich Allela

Location host & guide: Samuel Parare


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